More guns in America will not fix anything

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 8, 2014 

It was informative to read the Feb. 3 edition of the newspaper about loose gun laws, continued school shootings (despite more armed security personnel in schools) and a case of killing that involved an argument over loud music. All this was on top of the news that guns may be permitted in bars.

The Second Amendment has been so misinterpreted that our basic right to life has been compromised. Why? Because of anger, fear and the influence of the gun lobby. The Second Amendment was created to protect the nation's ability to field a trained army quickly in an emergency by the provision of a well trained militia. What we have at present is an angry, fearful population wanting guns to protect itself from its fellow citizens. Why?

It is simple really. We are ending two wars and our arms manufacturers are facing diminished sales of their products. Their lobby, the NRA, is engaged in a campaign to develop new markets. And the angry, fearful public is more than willing to be convinced that a gun in every home, school, office building, etc. is the answer. It is not. Yes, mental illness is a problem, but much of that is a result of the dysfunction of an angry, fearful and violent society. We need to elect leaders who will build the body politic into a viable nation, a society that values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. More guns pointed at each other won't do it.

Susan Britt

Hilton Head Island

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