Time for America to focus on issues

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 7, 2014 

Most of us are aware that the political leaders in Washington who represent our two parties are not solving our nation's problems. Washington leaders have allowed non-governmental organizations, lobbyists and the rich to veto the people's priorities in favor of their own or clients' self interests. This is further aided by the inability of the two parties to effectively work together.

This continuing addiction of becoming richer too frequently overcomes the belief in the common, good our nation was founded on.

Given the large backlog of issues facing our nation and the inability of Congress to solve more than one or two issues in a session, our local elections need to focus more on just two or three of the highest priority issues of our county, state and nation.

To implement this change, the leaders of our two parties must start working together to jointly identify our priority issues and provide related voter education. Candidates also should be encouraged to focus on these issues. This increased issue focus would increase voter awareness, interest and knowledge more than each party's primary focus on their candidates, castigating each other and getting out the vote. The representatives and their party affiliation we send to Washington are less important than the issues they help resolve.

These election changes also would help us better evaluate whether our elected representatives deserve another term in future elections.

Most importantly, these actions also should help restore our flagging democracy.

Walt Schymik

Hilton Head Island

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