Obama should approve Keystone pipeline now

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 6, 2014 

All Americans should be concerned about why President Barack Obama hasn't approved the Keystone pipeline. He claims it's being studied for environmental concerns. It's been five years. Are they checking every blade of grass?

I believe that Warren Buffett and Obama entered into an agreement. In November 2009, Buffett purchased Burlington Northern Railways. In 2012, he supported Obama's tax increase on the wealthy and endorsed Obama and Obamacare. What did he get in return? I believe the payoff was Obama delaying the installation of the Keystone pipeline so Buffett's railways could transport oil by train -- even though it cost $3 more per barrel. Keystone pipeline delivers 700,000 barrels daily. You do the math.

Railroads also have environmental issues. As the State Department states, "moving crude through trains produces more greenhouse gases than a pipeline." Last year, trains spilled 1.15 million gallons of oil. Obama preaches income inequality, and yet his actions favor the rich. If he truly cared for the poor and middle class, he would approve the pipeline; estimates are it would generate 20,000 to 100,000 jobs.

Also, if he opened government properties to oil and gas exploration, the economy would skyrocket and unemployment would plummet as it did in North Dakota, where it's 2.6 percent. Also, energy costs would plummet, causing prices of delivered commodities to be reduced drastically. The biggest positive would be our non-dependence on the Middle East for energy.

Vince Sgroi


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