'Biff' Cappelmann a Beaufort treasure

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 4, 2014 

I was very sad to hear of the passing of longtime Beaufort resident William "Biff" Cappelmann.

The obituary was right on target, referring to Biff's culinary talents and sense of humor. When Biff was the chef at the Dolphin Room, it was the coffee hangout for many of the Beaufort police. The Dolphin Room, being located in the Sea Island Motel, had its share of downtown parking issues.

Biff asked me if I would like to try one of his brownies fresh from the oven. As he came from the kitchen with the scrumptious-looking brownie on the plate, he set it on the table in front of me. The brownie was sitting on top of a parking ticket strategically placed between the brownie and the plate. We have lost another piece of Beaufort, and he will be missed.

Jeff Dowling


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