In Case You Missed It in Lowcountry Life, Feb. 3

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Been a bit busy recently? Here's what you might have missed in Lowcountry Life.

You didn't really have an excuse for being a wimp about the cold. Turns out, our blood isn't really thinner just because we live south of the Mason-Dixon. We just can't tolerate cold as well because we're not used to it. Good thing it only lasted a few days, right? We were running out of clean sweaters.

Step away from that bowl of onion dip. If you're dieting -- or even if you're not -- Super Bowl Sunday is treacherous. It's the second largest day of food consumption in the country (Thanksgiving is, obviously, the first). But there's hope, and even a way to eat buffalo wings -- and spinach artichoke dip and brownies. You just have to be OK with the lighter versions.

Is another 'Idol' amongst us? Here we go again, Beaufort County. Laquan Fields has made it to the Hollywood rounds of "American Idol." Fields, who is best friends with last season's winner and St. Helena Island native Candice Glover, said he's out to show he's got pipes, too. Might we once again see phone bills filled with calls to 1-800 numbers ending in "IDOL"? Hollywood rounds of the show are expected to begin airing this week. By the way, Glover's debut album, "Music Speaks," is due out in about two weeks if you're wondering about that or any other Candice news.

Pour another cup of coffee. We've got your weekend long read right here. A handful of Beaufort County residents regularly trek two hours -- both ways -- to the prison in Allendale to help the men incarcerated there. "All this stuff is going on with them. They have so much baggage and are so hard," Hilton Head resident Meredith Kronz said of the experience. "But then they begin to write. And here is a grown man, a hardcore criminal, and he's crying. That was not what I was expecting." Trust us, you want to know more.

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