A chat with E. Beatrice Cobb, author of 'Roses of the Mind: A Collection of Poems'

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E. Beatrice Cobb

Name: E. Beatrice Cobb

Book: "Roses of the Mind: A Collection of Poems"

Printed by: Arthur Thornhill

Residence: Bluffton

Where to buy: Available from the author at cobb3344@hargray.com

Plot summary in 50 words or less: Moving to other countries on assignments with my career Army husband and our four children, I learned the commonalities of people. I was inspired by those people I met -- their families and life events that included both joy and sadness. My poetry reflects those feelings over the years.

First line: "A young soldier? Nay, he has grown old."

Previous writing experience: After my husband died in 1988, I went back to college and took numerous courses in writing. I attended and participated in a number of poetry conventions and some of my poetry was published in newspapers and writers' association newsletters.

Earliest writing memory: My mother encouraged us to read and enjoy the classics, especially in poetry. I wrote a few poems in my early 20s while watching my children grow.

Story behind the book of poetry: I've struggled over the years to get my poetry organized and published. Then I met Arthur Thornhill, a local author and publisher. He read my poetry and published a selection for "Roses of the Mind." He was and is such an inspiration.

What you enjoy about poetry over other forms of writing: Poetry in any form is an artist's deep feelings of life. I immerse myself in the joy and sadness conveyed through a poet's eyes, heart and pen.

Favorite poets: Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson and H.S Rice.

What's next: One is never too old to dream and mine is to publish one more book of poetry. At 86, I am still writing and dreaming of Volume 2.


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