Why yes, I'm happy to eat that piece of coho

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 31, 2014 

Having moved here from the Pacific Northwest where salmon was a regular meal at least twice a week, I was amused to read the following in a Jan. 29 editorial: "Your dinner has arrived: a nice piece of fish. Was it the wild salmon you ordered? Would you be surprised and disappointed to learn that it was coho instead?"

Before going vegan, my answer would have been, "Not at all." In fact, I would have been very pleased.

Not only is coho usually a wild-caught salmon off the coast of Alaska, but it is in fact considered one of the best of the salmon species you can buy. I would have been extremely pleased to be served a nice piece of coho salmon when ordering wild salmon in a restaurant.

By the way, the point of the article was right. Fish does need to be better regulated. But the editorial's point could get lost because of the distracting information that more-informed readers will pick up on.

Jim Smith


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