Rehab center will be too close to schools

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 31, 2014 

Fortunately, the rezoning of The Main Street Inn & Spa to allow a drug treatment center has been postponed. Representatives of the company that plan to buy the inn have asked for a two-week postponement so that neighbors can be apprised of the situation.

Unlike the yearslong battle over extending the airport runway, Town Council quickly voted 6-0 to dismiss neighborhood concerns and approve zoning for the new center. Unfortunately, council ignored the concerns of parents of children attending the Hilton Head public school cluster off Wilborn Road. While sex and drug offenders are often prohibited from approaching school grounds, the Town Council is approving a sex and drug magnet that couldn't be any closer to our grammar and high school students. Every public school parent should be alarmed by this decision as many children will walk right by that drug treatment center when going to or coming from school.

Parents should act now to ensure that their Town Council representative has the common sense to revisit this misdirected decision before it is too late and their children become victims of this decision.

Thomas E. Nugent

Hilton Head Island

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