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Area High School Basketball Leaders, Jan. 30

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GAR Hazleton Area Basketball

GAR's Isaiah Francis dunks the ball early in the first quarter, Thursday Dec. 12, 2013, during the game against Hazleton Area in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (AP Photo Citizens' Voice/Andrew Krech) cv13GARbballp2

ANDREW KRECH — File -- The Associated Press



Player School PPG

John Eck HHP 19.3

Terrance Frazier RHHS 18.2

Dylan Tillotson THA 17.8

Randy Young HHP 15.9

Davis Owens THA 15.7

D.J. Dobson BLF 15.3

Kendrick Colvin BFT 13.9

Justin Rhode WB 13.7

Devonte Wilson BC 12.7

Aaron Frazier HHH 12.6

Jawara Middleton BLF 12.5

Eric Freeman BC 12.4

Brennan Mikell HHP 12.2

Yuneek Crittendon BC 11.7

Adonis Grant BFT 11.6

Otis McClain BFT 11.5

Brad Meccariello HHCA 11.3

Collin Roach THA 11.3

Denzel Daniel WB 10.6

Simeon Middleton WB 10.1

Patrick Riley HHH 10

Jawan Mack BFT 9.8

Kane Thorp BA 9.8

Carlton Johnson BFT 9.4

Troy Clifford HHH 9.2

Jacob Coltrane HHH 9

Seth Jones THA 8.8

Chris Edwards HHCA 8.7

Nicky Macuch BA 8.4

Zach Polk HHCA 8


Player School RPG

Seth Jones THA 10.3

Denzel Daniel WB 9.6

Otis McClain BFT 9.5

Adriel Willis BLF 9.1

Chance Murphy BLF 8.7

Patrick Riley HHH 8.3

Eric Freeman BC 7.7

Dylan Tillotson THA 7.5

Kendrick Colvin BFT 7.4

John Eck HHP 7.0

Collin Roach THA 7

Troy Clifford HHH 6.7

Randy Young HHP 6.5

D.J. Dobson BLF 6.5

Nicky Macuch BA 6.5

Jay Middleton WB 6.3

Brennan Mikell HHP 5.8

Devonte Glover WB 5.7

Michael Middleton WB 5.1

Marlon Williams WB 5


Player School APG

B.J. Hill BLF 6.7

Jacob Coltrane HHH 3.9

Davis Owens THA 3.8

Ryan Barrett HHCA 3.1

Jawan Mack BFT 3.1

Dylan Tillotson THA 3

Bryce Singleton HHH 3

Simeon Middleton WB 2.6

Yuneek Crittendon BC 2.5

LaQuan Washington BLF 2.5

Kevon Williams RHHS 2.5

Brad Meccariello HHCA 2.3

Terrance Frazier RHHS 2.3

Charles Mitchell RHHS 2.2

Justin Rhode WB 2.2

Nazair Wilson RHHS 2.2

Chance Murphy BLF 2.1

Adonis Grant BFT 2.1

Jawara Middleton BLF 2.1

Kendrick Colvin BFT 2.0

Jason Quick THA 2.0


Player School SPG

Davis Owens THA 4.0

Kendrick Colvin BFT 3.4

Dylan Tillotson THA 3.1

Zach Polk HHCA 3.1

Seth Jones THA 2.8

Adonis Grant BFT 2.6

Bryce Singleton HHH 2.4

Terrance Frazier RHHS 2.3

Carlton Johnson BFT 2.2


Player School BPG

Kendrick Colvin BFT 2.5

Eric Freeman BC 1.8

Troy Clifford HHH 1.5

Trenard Ferrell RHHS 1.4

Adonis Grant BFT 1.3



Player School PPG

Miranda Weslake BA 23.5

Daisja Cannon BC 19.2

Ziaira Doe HHCA 18.3

Kemoni Jenkins WB 14.4

Americal Jenkins HHH 12.8

Andy Anderson HHCA 12.7

Macee Tamminen HHCA 11.7

Taniqua Mungin BC 10.5

Lauryn Bush HHH 10.4

Shaniqua Johnson WB 9.6

Monica Bundy HHCA 9.2

Jonae Riley WB 8.2

Rachel Friend HHH 7.1

Cheyenne Rogers WB 7.1


Player School RPG

Americal Jenkins HHH 17

Jonae Riley WB 7.7

Ericka Alston BC 7.3

Ziaira Doe HHCA 6.4

Shaniqua Johnson WB 6.4

Lauryn Bush HHH 6.1

Macee Tamminen HHCA 5.3

Daisja Cannon BC 5

Brennan O'Gorman HHH 4.5

Francesca Guidobono HHCA 4.1


Player School APG

Kemoni Jenkins WB 4.6

Macee Tamminen HHCA 4.3

Savannah Reier HHH 3.2

Lauryn Bush HHH 2.7

Andy Anderson HHCA 2.6

Tiffany Banks HHH 2.6

Ziaira Doe HHCA 2.1

Daisja Cannon BC 2.1

Audrey Bensch HHCA 2.1


Player School SPG

Daisja Cannon BC 5.2

Americal Jenkins HHH 5.2

Tiffany Banks HHH 5.1

Andy Anderson HHCA 4.8

Ziaira Doe HHCA 4.2

Rachel Friend HHH 4.2

Kemoni Jenkins WB 4.1

Lauryn Bush HHH 4.0

Miranda Weslake BA 3.9

Savannah Reier HHH 3.7

Monica Bundy HHCA 3.1


Player School BPG

Francesca Guidobono HHCA 2.9

Ericka Alston BC 2.8

Americal Jenkins HHH 2.2

Jendayi Brown WB 1.3

Ziaira Doe HHCA 1.1

Jossie Frazier HHCA 1

Note: No girls stats were available for Beaufort High, Bluffton, Hilton Head Prep, Ridgeland-Hardeeville or Thomas Heyward Academy.

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