Electorate must keep eye on the big picture

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 29, 2014 

The dissatisfaction with Washington may be at an all-time high, shared by Independents, Tea Party, Republicans and disenchanted Democrats. What part of "United we stand, divided we fall" or "we would rather be right than president" is not understood?

Reuniting the country by consolidating an opposition that reflects the national need to control debt, correct health care, eliminate debilitating regulations, create jobs and foster growth is essential to effect change.

Scandals alone should not define the required change. They will play out with continued investigation and should not obscure the major issues facing the nation.

At this time, divisive issues such as birth control, education, same-sex marriage and voting regulations should be left to the individual states.

Speculation over possible presidential nominees and activities promoting an individual are both premature and counter-productive.

The overriding issue for 2014 is for Republicans to keep control of the House and gain control of the Senate. Only if this is accomplished will there be any hope in 2016 to restore the nation.

The presidential primaries must reflect the mandate obtained with control of Congress. The debates must clearly set out the specific initiatives taken to get the country back on track. A disenchanted opposition has had enough of the blame game and expects leadership away from irreconcilable extremes.

In 2016 the administration will have to stand on its record and the opposition will have to prove that the actions of the new Congress will restore faith in government.

Herbert Jarvis

Dataw Island

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