Stop government abuse; be heard with your vote

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 26, 2014 

Let's pretend that I own a store where people could buy whatever they wanted at a fair price and that I had grown my business for many years because of customer satisfaction with value received. What do you think would happen if the government starting giving away what I sell for free? The store closes.

Let the store represent a free economy, and one can see the problem facing conservatives with how to win elections. The "What is your program" question posed by Democrats can only be truthfully answered by returning to the fictitious store portrayed above. However, paying for what you want is thoughtfully regarded by Democrats as having no program at all. It is criticized by the media while borrow-tax-and-spend is hailed as the panacea for all our ills. We fall for the story, vote for free, and imperil our children's future by empowering government, taxing productive citizens and increasing debt.

Does anyone really think that this can go on forever? Vote!

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island

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