No adverse effect from jellyfish plant

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 25, 2014 

Our planned seafood processing facility in Seabrook will be like those that already exist in the state except that, initially, we will be processing jellyfish.

Discharge from the Carolina Jelly Balls facility will contain food-grade salt with a very small amount of food-grade alum. Any minute jellyfish particles will quickly be consumed by the aquatic life in the creek. Our discharge will have no adverse effect on Campbell Creek or connecting bodies of water, all of which are saltwater.

The crabbing and oyster beds are in the Whale Branch River, which Campbell Creek empties into, and the Coosaw River. Our discharge will be immeasurable in the Whale Branch and Coosaw rivers. There simply is no realistic way that our discharge could adversely affect crabbing, oyster harvesting or other aquatic life.

PCBs were first discovered on this site more than 30 years ago. Since then, none have ever been detected in the discharges from the former chemical plants. PCBs adhere to sediment. They are very localized and don't readily move. Our discharge will not cause the PCBs to become mobile. That simply is a non-issue.

Our seafood processing discharge will be significantly more compatible with the creek, which was unaffected by the former chemical plant discharges. It stands to reason that our proposed discharge will not pose any problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently concluded that the former chemical plant site "is not recommended for further Superfund activity."

We will provide the community with local jobs and will promote the Beaufort County fishery.

Steven Giese


Editor's Note: Giese is project coordinator and spokesman for owners of the proposed jellyfish processing facility.

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