Guns in restaurants passes safety muster

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 24, 2014 

Clearly, any issue involving guns is sensitive to us all. But I support the current bill in the S.C. Statehouse, allowing properly-licensed concealed weapon permit holders to carry their guns into establishments that serve alcohol. There is a difference between establishments that serve alcohol as an aside to their primary product, i.e. restaurants, and those that are drinking establishments.

Recent newspaper articles have highlighted concerns with drinking and guns. It is a real concern, but one that our neighboring states of Florida and Georgia addressed in their laws by not allowing permit holders to carry in establishments that derive more than 50 percent of their revenue from the sale of alcohol.

This essentially allows weapons in restaurants, but not in bars where a patron may not be in the best state of mind at the end of an evening. It may not be a perfect solution, and hard to police, but, since permit holders are generally law abiding, it would get the job done.

Unfortunately, none of this stops those who bring guns into bars. They will continue to do so.

Eric Bretzel

Hilton Head Island

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