Women get short shrift from country's leaders

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 22, 2014 

The war on women continues. The ACA, which is already helping women, is under constant attack. In the last three years, 205 pieces of legislation were passed nationwide to limit women's access to health care, reproductive and family planning services. A Republican-led committee just passed a bill that would re-traumatize rape victims who get abortions by requiring them to report the details of their assaults to the IRS. And health care clinics are closing due to funding cuts and restrictive legislation, specifically aimed at reproductive services.

The reduction in food stamps funding hurts women and their children more than any other group. The refusal to raise the minimum wage hurts women and their families, not only financially, but in the fact that many mothers, single and married, have two jobs, limiting the time left for the invaluable work of mothering.

Reduction of all safety nets puts women and their children in the position of working without a net. While this may be thrilling to watch on the high-wire at the circus, it's tragic for these families. It's a crime perpetrated by unthinking, re-election-obsessed legislators.

Wake up, women. The war is escalating. Apparently, you can't count on the legislators you voted for to take up your cause. It's not about abortion or contraception. It's about control, second-class citizenship, equal rights, respect, opportunity and the right to make your own decisions.

Cheryl Kanuck


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