Rehab center could be dangerous for residents

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 22, 2014 

A drug, alcohol and mental illness facility located near the school complex and other children-related facilities has been approved on first vote. Will this facility treat patients with mental problems such as child molestation and addiction to pornography and sex? When serious mental illness is combined with the co-morbidity of drug or alcohol addiction, it produces "a volatile mixture for violence," according to The Journal of the American Medical Association. Smuggled drugs and drug dealers outside these facilities are major problems for these centers. This risk will exist to some extent. Are not drugs and violence enough of a problem for schools without facilitating a potential threat?

Will a government-funded grant be accepted sometime in the future to add an outpatient, methadone clinic, attracting drug addicts and their accompanying crime from the entire island? Has this been discussed with the county sheriff?

Successful treatment centers are usually placed in less-tempting surroundings. A liquor store and parking lot in an area surrounded by children's activities is not the best location. Is this the location which will have the least amount of impact?

Before I retired from my post as a professor of surgery at Northwestern University Medical School, I taught young surgeons to always account for the unexpected, and to never do harm. I would urge Town Council to scrutinize their actions and to consider that advice.

Stuart M. Poticha

Hilton Head Island

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