Recreation Results, Jan. 21

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Fripp Island

Results of tournament held Jan. 20; 1. Ernie Taylor, Gerry Burke, Duffy Howard; 2. Jeff Zimar, Gene Bergh, Ray Atherton; 3. Gene Monje, Bernie Perkins, Jim Click; 4. Mike Marusha, Rusty Prophater; 5. Mike Kamradt, Rich George, Frank Golden.

Results of tournament held Jan. 21; Format: Low Gross and Low Net; Flight 1 - Low gross: Kathryn Woolley; Low Net: Nancy Connell; Flight 2 - Low gross: Joyce Zanone; Low net: Sam Taylor; Flight 3 - Low gross: Wylene Martin; Low net: Annelisa Bindra.

Island West

Results of Men's day held Jan. 16; 1. Don Biersack, Joe Re, Eddie Ianacone, Robert Phillips; 2. John Turner, Bill Knott, Joe Re, Mike Rotelle; Closest to the Pin - Bill Knott, Don Biersack.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Jan. 16; Format: Power Ball Three Best Net Scores; 1.(tie) George McMurtry, Alan Westcob, Ben Franklin, Don Rood, John Donat, Tom Burnett, Powell Christian, Chuck Gluck; Closest to the Pin - Bob Kiessling, John Donat, Ben Franklin, John Dansby.

Moss Creek

Results of Twilight Golf tournament held Jan. 17; Flight 1 Back Nine - 1. (tie) Graham and Jane Silcox, Paul and Carmela Juenger, Chuck and Linda Eberly, Herb and Judy Sawuer; 3. (tie) Jack and Kathi Layton, James and Renee Sokosky, Dan and Sue Coll, Bill and Debbie Hengemuhle; Flight 2 Front Nine - 1. (tie) Jerry and Pat Coghlan, Paul Schulz and Sally Kaminski, Ken and Jeanne Seavers, Paul and Carole Griffith, Tony and Claire Karnas, Roger and Carol Park.

Results of 9-hole club tee tournament held Jan. 20; Format: One Net Best Ball of Three; 1. Arnold Gellman, Tom Elsasser, Joe Belinske,

Results of Men's day held Jan. 21; Flight 1 - 1. Dick Obrig, 2. Sam Nutty, 3. (tie) Jim Winslow, Iue Cho; Flight 2 - 1. Cal Beltman, 2. Paul Schulz, 3. (tie) Tony Karnas, Skip Leonhardt, Ted Patnaude; Flight 3 - 1. Russ Hudson, 2. Rich Sandquist, 3. Don Muller; Flight 4 - 1. Karl Siebers, 2. Dan Coll, 3. George Solari.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Men's tournament held Jan. 14; Format: Best 2 of 4 Net; 1. Dan Osbeck, Rick Kasper, Gus Christ, Fred McNamee; 2. Patt Taylor, Bob Bowden, Roy Haynes, George Salemi; 3. Dick LaBonte, Tom Cumming, Ira Sedransk, Bob Wallhaus; Closest to the Pin - Frank Sutera, Steve Laxdal, Rainer Kuenkel, Patt Taylor.

Rose Hill

Results of Ladies day tournament held Jan. 15; Format: Putter's Pride; 1. Mateja Johnson, 2. Joan Davis and Sharon Brzezinski.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Jan. 20 at the Country Club of Hilton Head; 1. Mike Finson, Tom Finn, William Mackey, Karl Siebers; 2. Thomas Vater, Fred Wolf, Renny Hoyle, Chris Garmston; 3. Tim Scanlin, Larry Gould, Richard Sandquist, Tom Humann; 4. Francis Zeleznik, Steve Fobes, Bob Bowden, Don Patterson; 5. Eddie Whitehead, Tom Gozdecki, Charlie Michael, Patrick Falciglia; Closest to the Pin - Patrick Falciglia, Roger Johnson, Fred Wolf, Larry Gould.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held Jan. 17; Format: Individual Nassau; Front Nine (tie) Charlie Bradley and Jeff McConnell, Back nine: Bud Arnal, Overall: Manny Peralta; Skins -- Bud Arnal, Jim Benford, Harry Jewett, Bill O'Day, Manny Peralta.

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