Mitt Romney for president in 2016

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 21, 2014 

In 2008, we elected President Obama amid a euphoric atmosphere of hope and change. By 2012, it was obvious that it was an unsuccessful administration. But, fueled by an unusual combination of compassion, division, deception, and downright stubbornness by many good people, we rejected a good candidate and reelected Obama.

Now, after five years of this obvious inept administration and a president who is far out of his league as a nation builder and world leader, it is time for an honest assessment of what we have done and how to correct it. We cannot afford another three years drifting in this sea of failure and uncertainty.

Let us not waste any more time. We should put aside politics and rally behind a most qualified, successful, and proven leader in both private enterprise and government, Mitt Romney. We will not find a more qualified candidate to represent all, regardless of political, racial, gender, financial or social persuasion. We should urge him to again seek the presidency in 2016. We should begin immediately to help him put in place key members of his team during the 2014 national, state and local elections.

In a united effort, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and independents should put aside petty differences and unite behind this well-known and thoroughly vetted good man and successful leader. We cannot afford to gamble on another dubious career politician or inexperienced potential savior.

Jack Huddle

Hilton Head Island

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