County not forthcoming about demolition plans

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 21, 2014 

A recent headline on an editorial, "Communication a must in airport runway project," is so true but so late and so incomplete.

I have a friend who recently purchased a section of a building scheduled for demolition. The process of negotiation, planning, remodeling and moving took several months, mostly filled with 12-hour work days. Neither he nor any other owners of the property had the smallest hint that their building was scheduled for demolition.

The newspaper quotes county leaders as saying notifications were made in January 2012 and discussed previously. Has anybody asked how the notifications were transmitted? Has anyone taken the responsible action of determining whether the owners actually received the communication? Does any one of the county leaders really care? Bullies say, "Gangway, we're coming through."

The people being evicted are being bullied by our county leaders, who obviously had no concern for the plight of the victims of their land grab. Productive citizens of Hilton Head Island deserve better treatment. Not only future communications should improve, but we need to know the who, what and why of the past.

Major Short

Hilton Head Island

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