The state of Washington has me worried, amused

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 16, 2014 

Some random thoughts while I contemplate the perils of global warming:

  • Now that the world has been saved by the elimination of the treacherous incandescent light bulb, is there any way we could also eliminate the dim 10-watt bulbs who run our government?

  • I have this terrible feeling that an executive order will be issued that provides for a third-term opportunity for President Valerie Jarrett.

  • I saw a clip on the news last week of President Obama playing golf in Hawaii. I'm curious if his teleprompter reads the greens for him and also handles his club selection. He did tell members of his foursome that if they liked their caddie, they could keep their caddie.

  • It's fascinating to hear politicians complain about the inefficiencies of Washington as if they are governing from a remote island in the South Pacific. Obama has frequently mentioned that "Washington has taken its eye off the ball." He is Washington!

  • Remember back in 2009 when Congressman Joe Wilson shouted, "You lie" at Obama during a health care speech? The media was indignant. I'm thinking, in retrospect, how prescient.

  • Has anyone noticed White House press secretary Jay Carney's new beard? I'm thinking he is entering the witness protection program or auditioning for the weekend anchor slot at Al Jazeera.
  • On a happy note, it was great to see that the global-warming enthusiasts were rescued after their ship became ice-bound and unable to move.

    Kevin Baruth


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