Global warming is a real problem for us all

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 16, 2014 

Recently, many people, fueled by erroneous comments on TV talk shows, expressed serious doubts about global warming (or climate change) due to the severe cold snap (Polar Vortex) that we, and most Americans, experienced.

Please remember that while we were experiencing far-below normal temperatures for several days, the Southern Hemisphere was experiencing significantly higher-than-normal temperatures. The United States represents only about 2 percent of the Earth's surface. It is global warming, not American warming. The Earth's temperature is determined by collecting many hundreds of temperature readings around the world.

Furthermore, some commentators have questioned the use of the term Polar Vortex, because it either misleads or scares people. However, Polar Vortex (or Arctic Cyclone) is a well-known meteorological term. It is a pattern of wind currents resembling cyclones that flow around the North Pole. The temperature within the vortex is minus 130 degrees F, and can be displaced southerly due to warmer air in Greenland and Alaska.

Let us remember these facts before we make judgments about global warming/climate change.

Allan M. Lefer

Hilton Head Island

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