Will 'Party Down South' be the 'Jersey Shore' of South Carolina? + video

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  • CMT’s ‘Party Down South’ Could be Next ‘Duck Dynasty’ or ‘Jersey Shore’ (1:09)

    Could CMT’s ‘Party Down South’ be the next ‘Duck Dynasty’ or ‘Jersey Shore?’ As John Basedow (@John Basedow) reports, the new reality show set in Murrell's Inlet and broadcast on Country Music Television is from the producers of ‘Jersey Shore’ and many are comparing it to A&E's reality show about the Robertson family. He has the scoop.

From the producers of "Jersey Shore" comes the new series "Party Down South," debuting at 10 p.m. Jan. 16 on CMT.

But instead of fist pumping and Ron Ron Juice, there's cornhole, red Solo cups and drinking beer out of cowboy boots. The show, filmed last summer, follows eight rowdy Southerners on vacation in Murrells Inlet, S.C.

The four guys and gals range in age from 21 to 33 and share a love of big trucks, mudding, drinking and ... more drinking.

None of the cast is from South Carolina.

Early characters to watch include Ryan Richards, a.k.a. "Daddy," the oldest of the group who "never leaves home without his best friend, the beer funnel," according to the show's website.

Then there's Taylor Wright, a.k.a. "Lil Bit," a petite Southern belle from North Carolina. So far her claim to fame is that she is the most outspoken of the group and sleeps with one hand on her gun and the other on her Bible.

Lowcountry Current caught up with Lil Bit for the insider scoop before the cast's wild antics hit the TV screen, and to ask about the gun-Bible thing. (Spoiler: It's true.)

Question. Taylor, how do you feel about the upcoming premiere of "Party Down South"?

Answer. I'm getting really excited. It was such an awesome experience. I can't wait to relive it.

Q. Were you able to see any of the edits beforehand?

A. No, I didn't see the edits. We're all going to be watching it just like everyone else.

Q. How would you describe your experience filming "Party Down South"? Did you enjoy it?

A. Yes ma'am, it was really good. It was a nice getaway. Walking into the house, none of us knew what to expect. Walking out of the house, we didn't want to leave each other.

For me there was self-growth. And I made new friends.

Q. What can viewers expect from the show?

A. You can expect to laugh. You can expect to see eight different people from all parts of the South on vacation. You might see a little drama. There are some players. It has a little bit of everything. It's definitely a party.

Q. Since none of the cast members are from South Carolina, what did everyone think of Murrells Inlet?

A. I've always grown up vacationing in Myrtle Beach, so I'm very familiar with South Carolina. I thought it was great. A lot of people were confused with how we'd make the area look, but the Myrtle Beach area is known for being a great summer getaway.

Q. How do you think the show will affect other people's opinions of Southerners?

A. Well, everybody's going to have an opinion. We didn't try to portray anyone from there in a certain way. We were just being ourselves.

When you're on a summer vacation, you tend to have a few more drinks than usual and have more fun than everyday life.

Hopefully the people of South Carolina will understand that we love their state.

Q. The show has gotten a lot of comparisons to "Jersey Shore," with people saying this is the Southern version of that. Do you agree?

A. Jersey Shore and our show have a lot of similarities because of the producers and layout. It's four girls and four guys, but there are huge differences with the way we party, our minds, our hearts, our reasoning, everything is different than Northerners.

I think people will enjoy getting to see the differences.

Q. Do you think it will have a similar effect, with people quoting things from the show? Will there be a "Party Down South" equivalent of GTL (gym-tanning-laundry) or fist pumping?

A. I don't think we have that per say. You'll just have to tune in to see what our specialties are.

Q. One more question: Do you really sleep with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other?

A. I love that question. I do. I wouldn't say in my hand because that might be a little dangerous, but I definitely keep them on my nightstand. If you walk in my room right now you'd see my gun and my Bible.

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