Move over, Joe Wilson, Chris Christie is my hero

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 15, 2014 

Sorry, Rep. Joe Wilson. There is another name on my list of heroes.

Chris Christie showed us how a real man (given that there are no other revelations which involve him) acts under a crisis. Given that he is not guilty, he took on all his detractors and 1. Apologized for unwittingly lying to almost everyone about his staff not being involved; 2. Stood up and accepted the blame for not being aware that he had been misled and 3. Fired the individual responsible and let another member go because he knew and took a casual approach to the situation.

Joe, you called the man presently occupying the White House a liar (which has undeniably been proven). I do not care if your action was a momentary hiccup. The fact is you said it, and you remain my all-time hero.

Obama had the gall to say that the buck stops here, yet he has taken no blame for the NSA, IRS and, even worse, Benghazi. He always claims ignorance, then he talks up a storm about what he and his administration will do. He then proceeds to go back into his never-ending campaign mode. I change the channel and go to the Disney Channel whenever he takes to his teleprompter for another lying gig. Disney is less fictitious than Obama's readings.

Fernand LaBranche


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