Recreation Results and Standings, Jan. 15

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Argent Lakes

Results of 9 Hole Couples tournament held Jan. 10; Flight 1 - 1. Tom and Carol Onisko, 2. Pat and Sue Palmese, 3. Mark and Jeanne Svirchev, 4. Bill and Mary Turner; Flight 2 - 1. Dick and Pat Kemph, 2. Larry and Sheila Fraley, 3. John and Pat Niekamp, 4. Barry and Betsy DePristo; Flight 3 - 1. Pat Patten and Yvonne Cook, 2. Mike and Sharyn Leiter, 3. Drew and Robin Krzywicki.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of Men's day held Jan. 11; Format: Reverse Waltz; 1. Dave Palmetier, Pat Cauller, Dave Rounds, Kent Mittelberg; 2. Bob Rusche, Steve Mayconich, Dave Lunka, Bruce Smith; Closest to the Pin - Bill Junga.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results of event held Jan. 12 at Oldfield Golf Club; Boys 18 holes -- 1. J. Phillips 74, 2. B. Nimmer 76, 3. T. Mancill 81; Girls 18 holes -- 1. K. Beckel 77, 2. A. Eddy-Lesemann 81, 3. M. Wipper 86; Boys 9 holes -- 1. J. Griz 38

Moss Creek

Results of Men's 9-hole club tee tournament held Jan. 13; Format: Individual Low Net/Blind Five; 1. M. Goodall, 2. S. Whitney, 3. (tie) J. Filemyr, W. Richman.

Okatie Creek

Results of tournament held Jan. 9; Format: Team Scramble; 1. Jan Muhrenberg, Doris Riordan, Dale Finn, Shirley Aukema; 2. Vicki Vik, Mitzi Dube, Maureen Keller; 3. Doreen Shea, Pattie Hodge, Susan Hencken, Candice Pope; 4. Ann Proctor, Mary Turner, Joan Turner, Kathy Haas.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's tournament held Jan. 11; Format: Best 2 of 4 Flighted; Flight 1 - 1. Fran Richards, Rich Johnson, John Carroll, Hud Molloy; Flight 2 - 1. Frank Pinto, Dave Bullett, Ed Varcho, Ron Stovall (Blind Draw); Low Net -- Tod Powers; Closest to the Pin -- Fran Richards.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Jan. 13 at Berkeley Hall; Format: 2 better balls of 4; 1. Terry Gaither, Tom Morgan, Herbert Sawyer, Al Gossett; 2. Dave Palmetier, Jack Layton, Bob McLaughlin, Walter Cederholm; 3. John Somers, Jack Hunter, Larry Gould, George Edell; 4. David Dolan, Dave Lunka, Chuck Kolkebeck, Arnold Gellman; 5. John Waffle, David Brignati, Ron Welpott, Harold Bell; 6. Joseph Macchia, Skip Leonhardt, Dave Moon, Rick Kasper; Closest to the Pin - Tom Finn, Ed Sessler, Skip Leonhardt, Bob Ring.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day tournament held Jan. 10; Format: Better Ball of Partners; 1. Harry Jewett and Bill O'Day; Skins -- Bud Arnal, Charlie Bradley, Bill O'Day, Manny Peralta.


Island Rec Center Standings

AGES 8-9

Black Marlin 1-0

Giuseppi's at Shelter Cove 0-0-1

Frankie Bones 0-0-1

Wiseguys 0-1

AGES 10-11

One Hot Mama's 1-0

Giuseppi's at Shelter Cove 1-0

The Lodge 1-0

Poseidon 0-1

Black Marlin Bayside Grille 0-1

Skull Creek Boathouse 0-1

AGES 12-13

Wiseguys 1-0

The Lodge 1-0

Skull Creek Boathouse 0-1

Frankie Bones 0-1

Ages 14-16

One Hot Mama's 2-0

Boys & Girls Club 2-0

Wiseguys 1-1

Giuseppi's at Shelter Cove 1-1

Black Marlin Bayside Grille 0-2

Frankie Bones 0-2

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