To get best teachers, pay them accordingly

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 14, 2014 

It appears that the Beaufort County School District is going to again waste taxpayer money by contracting with a company to help attract better teachers and improve current ones.

Ten years ago, the then-principal at Battery Creek High School told the Beaufort Senior Leadership class that a recruiting trip to Pennsylvania failed because the wanted teachers would not work in Beaufort County for the salaries offered. It appears that, in 10 years, the district has learned nothing.

If the goal is attracting the best teaching talent in South Carolina to Beaufort County, offer the best financial package. They will come. If you want top talent from around the country, do the same. Remember, the new superintendent and past school district heads were hired that way.

If the district is not going to do this, then quit whining about the teaching staff; I'm certain they are doing the best that they can. If you want Beaufort County to be a first-choice district, pay the teachers accordingly.

William Baker

St. Helena Island

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