Time to take back country from Obama

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 13, 2014 

President Obama has said Obama-care will not be repealed as long as he is in office. What hubris. If it gets worse, curse the people and our country -- his legacy comes first. Can you get more self-centered than that?

We already know about most of the failures so far. Ahead lies the doctor and hospital shortages, the lost coverage from private insurance companies dropping plans; the increase in premiums, deductibles and co-pays; the utter lack of security; the lack of an IRS system to verify eligibility for subsidies; and probably even more. It won't matter. Even if both political parties pass legislation to repeal this unworkable, hugely expensive mess, President Ego will veto it. His legacy comes first.

The trouble is you. You don't know what is good for you. He knows best. Just do what the government tells you to do. Forget the Constitution.

It's time to take back your health care and your country. The 2014 and 2016 elections will be pivotal.

Get involved and informed. Show President Ego we can reverse him at the ballot box.

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island

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