Main Street poor choice for drug rehab facility

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 13, 2014 

It was fitting on the very day that Hilton Head Island Town Council voted to undo its witless decision to restrain trade, promulgate a monopoly and prevent the citizenry from choosing trash haulers of its own choice, Town Council also voted to pervert its own zoning ordinance to allow a drug, alcohol and mental rehabilitation facility to operate on Main Street.

A reasonable person might understand the need for such a facility if we were confronted, while attending the arts center, by drug-addled panhandlers or there were winos slumbering outside restaurants and night spots or we were disturbed by the discordant sounds of drum beating and tambourine shaking by a Lowcountry version of the Temperance League.

Admittedly, Hilton Head Island has its share of drug activity. One may reasonably assume that the individuals involved in local drug-related activity will not be seeking redemption from a boutique rehab center on Main Street after brandishing a Medicaid card, but rather enjoy a fashionable, new outlet for their products.

Given the abomination called Obama-care and the requirement that health insurance must cover drug, alcohol and mental treatment in all policies, the viability, profitability and propagation of such facilities as the one proposed here are greatly enhanced.

The vote to allow a drug, alcohol and mental facility on Main Street, with all of the attendant crime, debauchery and losses to surrounding businesses, will not be as easily undone as the garbage monopoly.

Kenneth H. Sailley

Hilton Head Island

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