Private sector should live up to its promise

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 11, 2014 

I would like to suggest we do not build the rowing part of the rowing and sailing site on Squire Pope Road until the advocates give the money they agreed to when I was the chairman of the Parks and Planning Commission.

The number was $500,000 of which little has been given. I remember when tennis folks wanted to build the courts at Chaplin Park so they agreed to pay a certain sum through donors. And they accomplished that task.

I think Squire Pope park should be just that -- a park -- not an elaborate rowing center for a handful of people that did little to raise money and then complained about the site.

Let's stop spending more money. If we do spend more, make sure the rowing folks pay an annual fee to use the facility like we do for the share facility in Shelter Cove. Also, there should be a fee like marinas charge to take the boats in and out of the water. The town will pay $67,000 annually to maintain the park. That has to be paid by the users.

Joe Kopf

Hilton Head Island

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