Self Help, Deep Well release fundraising totals

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 7, 2014 

The final tallies are in for the holiday fundraisers sponsored by The Deep Well Project on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton Self Help.

Deep Well raised $284,213 in its campaign, and Bluffton Self Help pulled in $88,837, according to both charities.

Starting after Thanksgiving and until the New Year, The Island Packet ran short stories about people the charities helped, along with the names of each donor to the campaigns.

To see the remaining list of donors on the final lists, go to

Deep Well and Bluffton Self Help provide a broad range of social services for poor working families, the disabled, sick and elderly.


ACBL Charity Foundation: $5,000

Alderman Small Group: $100

Alice Bowlin: $100

Amy Boyer: $500

Angela Geiger: $100

Anonymous: $500, $500, $50, $50, $200, $100, $25, $100, $100, $500

Arthur and Frances Giles: $100

Barbara Luther: $200

Barbara Young: $100

Bridget Onda: $250

Captain Woody's Bluffton: $100

Carlinda Belcher: $100

Caroline Rickenbaker: $15

Cindy and Gary Reedy: $200

Corrine and Bill Broad: $250

Daniel and Ingrida Thomas: $1,500

Deborah and Scott Maddy: $50

Diane and Richard Price: $100

Donald and Carol Wilson: $200

Doris Hall: $300

Edward and Susan Parrish: $250

Elizabeth Rock Higbie and Cynthia Rock: $100

Ellen Erenbaum: $25

Eugene and Betty Luntey: $200

Gary and Suellen Goodear: $100

Genevieve Geer: $100

George and Ruth Prust: $200

Helen Hawkins and Karen Brant: $50

Henry Boldt: $50

Heritage Classic Foundation: $100

Hilton Head Island Community Church: $3,185

In honor of Jerry and Lois Bohn: $100

In honor of Lewis Henry Lanman: $50

In loving memory of Carol L. Sawyer: $500

In loving memory of Karen Becker: $100

In loving memory of Rick Glesias by Bill and Darlayne: $200

In memory of Barbara Eitner: $100

In memory of Donald H. Schroeder: $300

In memory of Donald H. Schroeder: $100

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. D.J. Westerbeck and Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Parry: $500

In memory of Tim Doughtie: $50

Ingrid Low: $1,000

Island Getaway LTD: $5,000

J. Richard and Laurel Johnson: $300

James Maguire: $2,000

Jane and Alton Adams: $100

J.F. and J.M. Vercellotti: $200

John and Dorothy McHugh: $200

John and Virginia Holihan: $100

Joseph Ramos and Lynn White: $100

Joyce Sargent: $100

Launa Thompson: $500

Lee and Jennie McIntyre: $100

Lowell and Charlotte Ward: $25

Lyman Wooster and Nona Story: $250

Margaret Anderson: $5,000

Martha Anne McDonald: $100

Matthew and Barbara Gates: $500

Michael Brennan: $100

Mollie Scottie Davis: $100

Monika Grotz: $25

Paula Zera: $50

Rachel Thompson: $100

Ralph and Denise Shell: $200

Ray and Joyce Schrader: $75

Raymond and Lois Angell: $100

Reid and Venus Holland: $1,000

Renee and Bob Pellati: $200

Richard and Gayle Silver: $50

Richard and Patricia Patrick: $500

Robert and Darah Latourelle: $100

Robert and Erma Lenz: $100

Robert and Judith Wiederhorn: $50

Robert and Martha Hocutt: $25

Scott and Mary Kathmann: $250

Stacie Finer: $200

The Vacation Co. employees: $120

Thomas Rhoads: $3,000

Timothy and Daryl Burke: $100

To honor the memory of Dick and Louise Lincoln: $100

Wallace McNamee: $500

Amy Graybill: $75

Anonymous: $2,000, $500, $500, $100, $150, $100, $750, $400, $500, $1,000, $1,000

Anonymous Fund: $1,000

Arthur and Cheryl Clephane: $50

Barbara and Richard Smith: $100

Charles Lacey: $50

David and Loni Saunders: $200

David and Sue Garceau: $40

David Schaper: $500

Deanna Anderson and Gene Harvey: $25

Deborah Altman: $275

Dennis Nelson: $100

E.R. Lane: $150

Edmund Whitlock and Suzanne Zoda: $100

Edward McLaughlin: $100

Frank and Elissa Flaumenhaft: $100

Glenda Reiners: $25

Henry Massey: $50

Hilda Piper: $250

James and Betsy Chaffin and friends: $1,000

Jeanne De Sa: $2,000

Jerry and Kay Hayes: $100

Jimmy Coffman and Brenda Jewell: $100

John and Connie Cappy: $125

John and Elaine Gillen: $300

Jon Boyd: $100

Kathryn Reed: $200

Keith Austin: $100

Kerry Stubbs: $20

Leslie Samuel: $200

L.K. and S.M. Murphy: $100

Louise Grosse: $100

Mark and Anne Lofye: $1,000

Monte and Sandy Leath: $200

Nancy De Sa: $200

Nancy Luzak: $100

Paul Weiss: $50

Randall and Ellen Dahl: $250

Robert and Avery Morgan: $125

Robert Creller: $200

Roger and Lois Steffens: $25

Russell Hildebrand: $250

Scott and Marilyn Sunstrom: $25

Sheila and Peter Strand: $1,000

Spirit of Friendship: $3,150

Stan Stolarcyk: $100

Stephanie Noval: $200

Susan and Vincent Cook: $25

Walter Locke: $100

Wayne and Barbara Miller Charitable Fund: $500

William Cannon: $100

Carmen Oliver: $100

In memory of Julia Sacco: $250

Kevin Halloran: $5,000

Lillian Lanman and Laura Keenan: $50

Michael and Laura Keenan: $100

On behalf of Victoria Hamlin: $25

Patricia McGuire: $50

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign: $100

Total: $284,213


Jim and Lili Coleman: $300

Anonymous: $5,000, $1,500, $500, $300, $200, $200, $100, $100

The Smiths: $100

In memory of Barbara Ann Vezeau: $100

In honor of Michele and Dick Eberhart: $200

Bill and Linda Worrall: $100

Jim and Bonnie Caldwell: $150

Frank and Janet Waller: $50

In honor of wedding of Bill and Melissa Marks: $50

In honor of Sue and Rod: $100

John Lopat: $2,000

Total: $88,837.45

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