There's more to Isreali-Palestinian conflict

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 7, 2014 

A Jan. 2 article by the Associated Press on the current peace process requires clarification.

In 1967, a majority of the Israeli Arabs fled Israel because the attacking Arab nations told them they could return when they drove the Jews into the sea. The wealthy Arab leaders in Israel led the flight, and there was fear that they would be caught in the crossfire of war. About 170,000 remained in Israel with full rights of education, independent control of mosques and schools, voting privileges, elections to the Knesset and other elected positions. Only Jordan allowed those who fled to have citizenship. All other Arab countries rejected them. King Hussein of Jordan stated, "The Arab leaders have used the Palestinian people for selfish purposes. This is criminal."

Mahmoud Abbas' plan to narrow the borders is a threat to Israel. Grad rockets with warheads containing 13-plus gallons of sarin gas could reach the larger cities of Israel (see New York Times Dec. 31, 2013, article).

We forget that Israel dismantled 20 settlements in 2005 on Gaza's borders, resulting in Hamas being elected and 13,000-plus rockets being hurled into Israel.

Finally, Abbas stated that the Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state to Catherine Ashton, EU policy chief, in 2011, to the International Quartet in 2012, and to the Cairo Ma'an News Agency in 2013.

Charles L. Richman

Fripp Island

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