School volunteers making a difference

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 7, 2014 

It was grievous to read the editorial on Dec. 29, regarding the Jasper County School District.

The editorial board slammed the Jasper County School Board and superintendent Vashti Washington. No mention was made of information that was sent to the newspaper after the vote to renew Washington's contract.

In 2013, hundreds of volunteers began the herculean effort to assist the schools -- getting involved in Jasper County. That includes Back-Pack Buddy programs, mentoring/tutoring, bookinators (reading/writing book reports), hundreds of books donated to the libraries, uniforms bought and donated, a new program for young women called "A Girl's Guide to Becoming Great," etc.

We all are aware that to make a change of substance takes time and consistent effort. Washington works with us to make that difference. Her mantra is: "It's all about the children."

The newspaper owes the school board and Washington an apology for being incomplete.

Linda Ellis


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