Help reunite mystery family with their lost camera, memories

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Thanks to Michael Brown of Texas for sharing his mystery from the sands of Hilton Head Island.

He said that anyone who can help him solve the mystery may reach him by email at

"Kodak Moments" By Michael Brown

My wife and I have owned a home in Sea Pines for 20 years. We live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but visit Hilton Head Island frequently.

In the fall of 2012, our grown children, their children and spouses (10 of us altogether) spent Thanksgiving at our place in Sea Pines.

One afternoon, while at the beach, we found a small HD camera flash card half-buried in the sand. It was wet and gritty, but we took it back to the house and dried it off. I brought it back to Texas and forgot about it.

Last spring, I ran across it again and plugged it into a flash drive and uploaded the contents to my computer.

There are 101 very good photos of a family unknown to us.

There are photos at the beach on the island, photos of the front of a home that appears to be on Hilton Head, photos associated with what appears to be the high school graduation ceremony of a male student that was held at the Villanova University Pavilion -- and much more.

There are a few pictures taken in snow and a home that appears to be more New England than Hilton Head.

By looking at embedded data on the photos, the earliest was taken May 31, 2009, and the most recent about 18 months later, in December 2010.

I would imagine the family would be glad to get this card and the photos back and I would be happy to reunite them with it, with my compliments.

I thought if we published a few of the photos maybe the "mystery family" would see it or someone who knows them and recognizes people in the photos would.

I would be happy for this family to have their flash card back.

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