Conservatives win in Duck Dynasty drama

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 5, 2014 

We've recently witnessed victory for conservative First Amendment rights to free speech and religious liberty with the Duck Dynasty/A&E network controversy.

No one has more right to criticize what Phil Robertson said than he had to express it. And despite being suspended, Robertson held steadfast to his convictions. Kudos to him. The public's backlash to his suspension was overwhelming. A&E got the message and reversed its decision.

Fair-minded people have had more than their fill of mindless political correctness and a glaring double standard that has invaded our lives for far too long. Criticism of Robertson's beliefs was immediate and vociferous by The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and other organizations, while Louis Farrakhan's statement that gays should be stoned and beheaded is met with deafening silence from these groups and the media.

Today, conservative views and beliefs are immediately attacked and denigrated to silence them while the left's vilest accusations and untruths are tolerated and encouraged by that tolerance. It should be sufficient to express regret -- as the Robertson family has -- for the harsh words used by the family patriarch.

But with today's oppressively, politically correct monolith, an apology for a poor choice of words or an unintended hurtful statement by a conservative is not an option.

To preserve First Amendment rights for conservative views, we must stand up and be heard as people did in this instance.

Don Maresca


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