Address problem of illegal immigrants now

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 5, 2014 

Have you seen letters in the newspaper with facts about illegal immigrants and the number of crimes they commit?

At least once a month, the newspaper prints letters, encouraging American laws be broken for illegal immigrants. Are the president, churches and citizens making selective laws for illegal aliens to fit their own agenda because of a relative, money in the collection plate or an employee?

This discriminates against legal Americans. No illegal immigrant should be hired for a job that Americans are qualified for and can do.

When you condone and encourage citizens and the government to break American laws, are you a traitor?

For 20 years, the government said 11 million illegal immigrants were in the county, but is it 33 million? If the government knows where they are and is able to count them, where is the IRS? When companies change to robot workers, will that add 11 million illegal aliens to federal aid rolls? Why not let our prisoners, who have committed lesser crimes, have work permits and do the jobs illegal aliens currently do so the prisoners can feed their babies?

Verna Stevens

Hilton Head Island

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