Some won't heed truth about Obama

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 4, 2014 

Can you believe that 45 percent of Americans believe Obama didn't lie when promoting his health care scheme? These Americans are members of the "give me" generation who depend on government for welfare, food stamps, free phones, disability payments etc. It's also comprised of uninformed Americans who live every day in a cloud and could not care less about Obama transforming our country into a third world country.

Additionally, there are the diehard Obama worshippers who have heard him lie for years and will never admit it. This group is comprised of Democrats. His followers haven't been told the government will fund the expansion of Medicaid for three years, but then the states will have the burden of maintaining the program -- possibly going bankrupt like Detroit.

There's the grandfather (Dec. 30 letter) who attempted to sign up his 23-year-old grandson for Obamacare, only to find out the cost was prohibitive. Did he blame Obama or the Democrats for lying about the exorbitant costs because of new taxes, fees and regulations? No, he blamed the insurance companies.

Then, there's the Dec. 30 letter writer who doesn't agree with Rep. Mark Sanford's immigration reforms and wants the same reform as was passed in 1986. That reform was to secure the borders and give amnesty to six million immigrants. The immigrants received amnesty, but the borders weren't secured, hence we now have even more illegal immigrants.

Vince Sgroi

Sun City Hilton Head

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