Those running NSA are incompetent

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 3, 2014 

NSA's supporters have centered their arguments on the NSA's trustworthiness concerning spying on Americans (we have not spied on one American), distracting Americans from the real cause of their failure.

Simply put, they were mentally overwhelmed by the enormous quantity of data they were accumulating. Their incompetence was shown by their misunderstanding the importance of the security information they were entrusted to protect. An example, of their incompetence is not retrieving the files from a whistleblower, which resulted in vital national security information being dispersed among our enemies throughout the world.

If this failure occurred in certain nations, those in charge of those vital files would have been taken out and executed. Here, we can expect resignations, retirements, demotions or dismissals. If none are forth coming, I can only hope that historians eventually will unveil the names of those responsible for America's titanic intelligence failure.

There are those supporters of the NSA who claim the agency, by connecting the dots, might have prevented 9/11. Today's revelations reveal that NSA officials could not even connect the dots within their own agency, let alone the dots of 9/11.

Marga Pielli

Hilton Head Island

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