Move fire station to fix Bluffton road snafu

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 3, 2014 

A recent letter writer is correct. The six-year stalemate between Berkeley Hall and St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church needs to end, and we all need to move on. Clearly, Beaufort County is mainly responsible for the traffic snarl by issuing permit after permit until finally reaching an impasse. They should fix what they created. Nothing is accomplished by continually referencing old agreements that they haven't enforced or are unenforceable.

The simplest answer, and perhaps the least expensive -- and certainly the most aesthetically pleasing -- is to relocate the fire station and use the existing building for an alternate county use. That road exit could then be redesigned to accommodate St. Gregory as well as future developments on both sides of U.S. 278.

Finding a new home for the fire station should not be a problem. It too could enjoy better ingress and egress.

Joe Miller

Sun City Hilton Head

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