There's a better way to pay for health care

info@islandpacket.comDecember 31, 2013 

According to some polls, 85 percent of Americans were satisfied with their health insurance and their doctors before Obamacare was enacted. The 15 percent minority was made up of people who (a) elected not to buy health insurance, (b) were too poor to afford it, or (c) could not get it due to pre-existing conditions.

I would support using our tax dollars to give health care to those who cannot afford it or who can't get health insurance. But this minority can be cared for without giving government control of our entire health care system.

Some Americans can't afford food. Does the federal government need to take control of agriculture and food processing to help these folks? Of course not. People in need are given plastic cards they can use to buy whatever food they want, wherever they want.

Americans who can't afford health care could be issued similar plastic cards they could use to pay for necessary or preventative medical services from whomever they choose, without disrupting everyone else's relationship with their health insurers and their doctors.

Under Obamacare, young people will have to overpay for their coverage to subsidize older and sick folks. My proposal would be paid for by all taxpayers, based on their income.

There is no reason to put federal bureaucrats in charge of everyone's health care.

Bob Snyder

Hilton Head Island

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