What's her secret?: 'Give your worries to God'

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Sommer Shultzman is photographed with her daughters, Gracie, 5, and Reese, 2, at home on Dec. 16.

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Name: Sommer Shultzman

Husband: Micah

Town: Bluffton

Children: Gracie, 5, and Reese, 2

Occupation: Executive healthcare recruiter

Favorite mommy moment: Hearing my children sing. I love to hear their little voices while singing anything from "Jesus Loves Me" to Carly Rae Jepsen.

Most challenging moment: The most challenging moment for me is when the girls are sick, especially Gracie. Gracie has complex febrile seizures -- diagnosed at 15 months old -- which are brought on by a rapid change in temperature. It's a "wait and see" game with those types of seizures. It's frustrating to not have any type of control over what will or will not happen. Overall, Gracie is extremely lucky. This is not a long-term medical condition. Her doctors believe she will outgrow this by age 6. She has had six seizures over the past three or four years and is very smart, sweet and caring. You would never know by looking at her sweet face that she experiences anything out of the norm when sick.

What would you like to say to mothers who have just learned their child has a serious medical condition? I would encourage anyone who has or is facing something similar to do just one thing: pray. As a mommy, the one thing I have always wanted to do is protect my children. This and any other type of medical condition that your child has is something that we cannot control. It is completely out of your hands. Give your worries to God, and he will take care of your children.

Favorite kids' book and why: I have a real passion for reading, so we read a lot in our home. My girls love "Pout Pout Fish" by Deborah Diesen. I think it's important for people to smile, no matter what kind of day they are having. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to change someone's mood. We also really enjoy all of the "Llama Llama" books.

Best household tip: I always try to pick up toys, do dishes, and put in a load of laundry every evening after the girls go to bed. If I do things little by little, then at least I don't get behind, and I don't wake up to an unorganized home. It helps to not feel so overwhelmed in the mornings.

Guilty pleasure: Reading. I read anything and everything. Usually I have three books going at once. I love to read fiction. Mary Kay Andrews and Elin Hilderbrand are my favorite authors. I also enjoy reading parenting books, especially the Focus on the Family series, and anything by Joyce Meyers.

Funniest thing your kids ever said: Both of my children say things daily that my husband and I laugh at. I don't think it's the things they say but rather their accents. Gracie has really taken on my Southern accent, and Reese is picking it up, too. Hearing them talk in their little sweet Southern accents is really funny in itself.

Phrase you can't believe you use with your children: "Please don't put that in your mouth!"

Who inspires you? The women in my life inspire me. My mom, Faye, and my sister, Nicci, have shown me that you can love your husband and children and have a career at the same time. They both had three kids and careers and managed to be successful at both. They give great parenting advice and are an incredible support system to our family.

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