Time for county action on unsafe church entry

info@islandpacket.comDecember 28, 2013 

Enough time has now passed; Beaufort County needs to stop kowtowing to a few snobbish residents of Berkeley Hall Plantation.

Even if the County Council, in granting this developer increased density levels, had not foreseen the need of a safe entry and exit from the adjacent St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church property, County Council would be justified by any understanding of eminent domain to seize this property.

The cost of the lawsuits to taxpayers by this small-minded group begs for the county to review its property assessments in that area.

Also, County Council should review aerial photographs of what the waterfront tree line and setback area was in the past compared to what it looks like now. More than a few dollars in fines for violations in setback laws might be found.

Then there is the potential for pollution to pour into the Okatie River from the runoff of their golf course with every change of the tide.

Enough is enough. The safety of all of us, along with the church-goers and the children in the school next to the church, far outweighs the so-called inconvenience of a few residents having to sit longer at a traffic light. If their egos are upset sitting behind non-plantation residents, let them change their entrance/exit to their maintenance entry.

Preventing a major accident or death at this dangerous entry to St. Gregory's far outweighs these petty concerns.

James Scott


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