Deep Well Project comes through when bills were piling up

info@islandpacket.comDecember 26, 2013 

Denise is 51 and cleans rooms at a local motel.

During the winter her hours were drastically cut, then she was laid off for two months. The weather had turned cold, and her electric bills were high. The Deep Well Project paid her past-due bill.

Deep Well provides a broad range of social services for poor working families, the disabled, the sick and the elderly.


Ann and Robert Loper, $150

B.J. Campbell, $100

Charles and Barbara Mainenti, $150

Christopher Minnigh, $100

Donald and Mary Kay Poinsette, $500

Donna Miller, $100

Ford and Patricia Hutchinson, $500

Gene and Gail Stephens, $1,000

George and Susan Wehrmaker, $200

In honor of Kitty and Leon Goodrich, $100

In honor of Ron and Joan Taylor, $50

In memory of Bob Kessler, $100

In memory of Keith Swinehart, $100

In memory of Peter Van Trigt, $100

Island Structural LLC, $100

Janet Cale, $100

Jerry and Patricia Berndt, $200

Jill DiMauro, $225

Kiley Fusco, $150

Kilrea Foundation, $3,000

Margaret Carr, $1,000

Mary Anne Borja, $100

Mary Happley, $50

Mary Jane Patterson, $100

Mary Princing, $1,000

Nancy and Michael Nastally, $500

Nancy Nelson and Susan Hearon, $100

Patricia Barden, $50

Philip Thornton, $250

Robert and Sheila Buck, $100

Robert Burkhard and Lorrie Cooper, $500

Rockey Roberts, $41

Ronald and B.A. Russell, $100

Sandy and Bill Kuttruff, $100

Sansing McPherson, $1,000

Sheila Baden, $100

Stephen and Eileen Clark, $500

Susan and Ralph Schwaikert, $500

Thomas and Mary Ann Peeples, $5,000

Thomas and Susan Jacoby, $150

Timothy and Eileen Kenneally, $50

Wayne and Carol Saunders, $50

Anonymous, $1,000, $500, $500, $165, $150, $100, $100

Total this period: 20,881

Total to date: $215,933

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