With widened highway, pay attention to speed

info@islandpacket.comDecember 26, 2013 

I have driven the entire 4.8 miles of road from Walmart to the Hilton Head Island bridge every day for the last two years during the renovation of the road. They have done a remarkable job and controlled traffic to perfection. The construction company deserves praise from my fellow travelers.

However, I see some problems from increased speeders.

The speed before the widening of the road was consistently 50 mph, exactly five mph above the speed limit of 45 mph.

The speed of all drivers is now 55 mph, an increase of 10 mph above the speed limit.

This will translate into more accidents and fatalities and should be monitored closely by law enforcement.

Also, the complaint of the Indian Hill Baptist Church that the widened road is too close to graves in its cemetery is a problem that should be resolved by the church and its members. It should be no problem to move the graves further into the church property.

Progress for automobile travelers was necessary and well-deserved.

Kudos to the road construction company.

Leo Cashin


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