Water park proposal does not fit Hilton Head

info@islandpacket.comDecember 26, 2013 

I write in support of the Dec. 20 letter, "Hilton Head doesn't need a water park."

In terms of full disclosure, we are Canadian snowbirds who have wintered on Hilton Head Island for the past 15 years. We enjoy every second of our time spent on this beautiful island paradise, along with the courteous people who have kindly befriended us.

Hilton Head features multiple and critically acclaimed golf venues, internationally celebrated tennis sites, miles of pristine beaches, incredible restaurants and scores of serpentine nature trails. What more could anyone wish for?

From our vantage point, the appeal of the island is the tranquility of this unspoiled, noiseless venue, coupled with your citizens' attitude and posture connected with the island's remarkable harmony with the bountiful wildlife and interesting varieties of vegetation.

In my respectful judgment, to suggest a water park would positively impact Hilton Head's economy and quality of life makes no sense.

To support this otherwise ill-considered development would eventually precipitate a Ferris wheel at some point and, ultimately, a circus-like environment, including but not limited to the roar of motorcycles and unruly revelers as seen in other beach towns.

For these reasons, we respectfully appeal to you and the citizens of Hilton Head that the inclusion of a water park on this nature-blessed island be an idea that will never come to fruition.

Bill Beagan

Hilton Head Island

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