Yesterday's liberals are today's socialists

info@islandpacket.comDecember 26, 2013 

A recent writer lamented that being a liberal is not the same as being a socialist.

That was true perhaps a century ago; however, liberals of a century ago were more like the libertarians of today; i.e., they believed in maximizing individual freedoms and independence and minimizing the role of government in our lives.

However, liberals of today (Nancy Pelosi, the president, Chuck Schumer, etc.), like puppets, line up in support of every federal government program that comes down the pike, including the current Obamacare debacle. Hence, liberals of today are viewed as progressives or socialists. Their actions have earned them those labels.

But let's simplify. Conservatives of today are for maximizing individual freedoms of choice and minimization of government in our lives, something that, hopefully, our younger generations will comprehend before it is too late to reverse the doomsday course we're on.

The way to minimize the interference of government in our lives is to starve the beast that is represented by the federal government.

The way to do that is to reduce the government's take in taxes (e.g., back to 16 percent of gross domestic product, by law).

This is the creed of today's true libertarians and conservatives.

Jim Benford

Hilton Head Island

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