What a pleasure to know so many Dorothys ...

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  • Murray's Bluffton Poulet

    2 2- to 3-pound fryers

    1 Cup fig preserves

    1/2 Cup soy sauce

    4 Cloves minced garlic

    Heat oven to 375. Mix preserves, soy sauce and garlic. Brush mixture on chicken last hour of roasting. Roast for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Bon appetit.

Well, I can't believe it, but I had three Dorothys in my midst recently.

Dorothy from Bluffton is Will's wife, the other two are Dorothy from Paris, and Dorothy from Athens, Ga., who are childhood friends of mine. Our grandmothers and mothers were best friends.

Dorothy from Paris is an interpreter who has traveled the world with her busy job. She recently resigned from that position to begin another job as a translator of books from English to French. She brought her computer with her and in off moments worked away. I can tell you it was all Greek to me. She speaks many languages but lives in Paris because it's a city she dearly loves. Once or twice a year she travels to Athens to visit her cousin Dorothy and her family. She also makes a quick jaunt down to Bluffton, which she adores.

Dorothy from Athens is a wonderful person who has spent much of her life volunteering at local organizations and has been given many awards for her spirit and generosity. Dorothy's family owned The Coca Cola Bottling Company in Athens. We were all laughing because one of our main pursuits when we were little was riding our bikes to the bottling company on Prince Avenue to watch the Coke being put in bottles. It was lots of fun, especially for a 9- or 10-year-old. In those days, one left home right after breakfast and arrived back just before supper. Somehow we all survived on nothing but peanut butter sandwiches that we took with us to eat during the day.

It was great fun visiting with all of my Dorothys. We all promised to visit each other as we bid farewell. Ah ... Paris in the spring ... Athens during football season ... woof woof.

  • Mitch and Laurie Brown hosted their annual Christmas party at their hidden "gem." The adorable duo rocked Friday night away with lots of their friends. Nedra and Bill Brown, Mitch's mama and daddy, are getting closer to their move to Bluffton from Lexington. Their house in Stock Farm is moving along nicely. In fact, it seems they will be keeping company there with lots of Bluffton folks who have decided to build in Emmett McCracken's development. It is in a wonderful location, close to town and nicely situated amongst lots of trees.

  • The Old World Christmas Party was a huge success. Caroline Armstrong and Carolyn Beattie made sure the setting was decorated to the nines. The Fabulous Clams played their hearts out as Bluffton folks danced and dined on delicious turkey and all the trimmings catered by Reeves Catering.

  • Dancing and having fun were Kim and Thomas Viljac, Candace Lovely, Sharon and Brad Fraum, Heidi and Bob Griffeth, Simone and Wayne MacDonald, Ferebee and Dudley Ruffalo, Nancy Sineath, Teddy and Emmett McCracken, Tamela and Nick Maxim, Richard and Beth Coffield, Jaja and Chris Epps, Randolph Stewart and many other costumed Bluffton characters.

  • Sunday found us at Carolyn Trosdal's house celebrating her birthday. This is an annual tradition for many of us -- celebrating our friend with love and cake ... lots of cake. Joanie Heyward, Ginger Mallett, Patsy Hodge, Mary Vaux and Nancy Golson and Margaret Eckloff mustered friends and family to join us. Alice and Joe Fraser, Jeanne Lee, Nola and Harry Cotesworth, Sylvia Coker, Maury and George Moody, Peggy and Druella Schultz, Caroline Armstrong, Debbie and Dan Wood, Risa and Mike Grace, Beth and Jeff Corry -- yes they moved back to Bluffton -- and Katherine Donaldson with some of her brood, were among the many friends who all joined together to wish Carolyn a very happy birthday. It was also Patsy Hodge's and William Golson' s special day. Thanks to Frank Hodge for bringing extra ice and to Carolyn's chicks for helping get everything together.

  • The whales are back. The "right whales" have returned to our area to give birth to their calves. A federal rule has been put into effect to protect the whales and their calves from being harmed by ships that travel too fast. The whales hug the coast in their migration from New England to their calving grounds in the South. They swim through major East Coast shipping lanes putting them in great peril. A 9-year-old whale named Caterpillar was spotted near Fernandina Beach, Fla., on Dec. 2. She has a large scar on her back where she was hit by a ship's propeller. There are only about 425 right whales in existence. The whales live about 60 years and grow to about 100 tons. Ships longer than 65 feet must slow to 10 knots or less from November to April and stay 20 nautical miles off shore. So keep a lookout. You may just spot one of these magnificent creatures.

  • Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

    Babbie Guscio is the social columnist for The Bluffton Packet. She can be reached at The Store on Calhoun Street.


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