Major SC overhaul requires action now

info@islandpacket.comDecember 24, 2013 

A noteworthy and pressing piece of information was tucked away in a short article on Page 4 of the Dec. 20 front section regarding South Carolina's attempt to "modernize government and make it more accountable." Certainly this is a worthy objective that every voter in South Carolina can appreciate.

Apparently, a conference committee consisting of three legislators each from the House and the Senate has agreed on four outstanding differences. However, it has yet to resolve three remaining issues: Who's in charge of procurement, deficit prevention and budget estimates.

The conference committee won't meet again until the legislature returns in January; and "if the 2014 session ends without passage, the whole effort must start over -- again."

Absolutely, let's modernize South Carolina's government and make it more accountable, but also, let's not condone the wasted time -- and taxpayers' money -- by not getting this goal achieved now. Call your legislators and demand accomplishment.

Kate McClintic


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