No need for law to require concealed guns

info@islandpacket.comDecember 23, 2013 

Not too long ago many western states had a "Cowboy Carry" law. Basically, anyone was free to openly carry a handgun. It went back to the days when the cowboys had to defend the herd.

Now, many states have concealed carry laws, but no one knows they're armed until they pull it out to defend themselves. So the allowed handguns are tucked away in fanny packs, shoulder holsters, back belt holsters, ankle holsters, etc.

Question. Would it not be more reasonable to also issue non-concealed weapons licenses, which would require that the holder carry the weapon in plain sight, and wear a photo name tag in plain view to identify them as authorized to do so? If the concept of concealed weapons permits is to allow citizens to exercise their Second Amendment right to carry arms for self-defense purposes, would it not be more reasonable to have potential criminals know that individuals are present who are capable of defending themselves? Would it not be more reasonable for armed individuals to be readily identifiable by law enforcement personnel?

Maybe it's time we rethink this whole concept. Criminals arm themselves without permits, and crazy people kill defenseless people in so-called gun free zones. The gun control crowd is the first to cry, "Protect me," when threatened. Unless we want to live in a police state, we must be able to openly protect ourselves with the assistance of the police.

Al Francis

Sun City Hilton Head

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