Best Christmas gift of all? A smile

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What gift conveys the truest meaning of Christmas? Hint: It can't be wrapped.

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Thanks to Chris Wagner of Hilton Head Island for sharing his annual Christmas poem.

"The Gift of a Smile"

By Chris Wagner

At Christmastime we all share gifts;

Some are big and some are small.

A thousand times I've wondered which might be

The greatest gift of all.

The gift would have to please all men,

Each woman and each child;

It must have great significance

And last for quite a while.

The gift must be affordable

For the helpless and the poor,

Something deep and beautiful

You cannot find in a store.

I thought of every gift I know

And tried to figure out

Which one conveys the real, true spirit

Of what Christmas is all about.

And then the answer came to me

As I watched a laughing child.

The greatest gift that one can give

Is simply just a smile.

It was not the song the drummer played

As he stood at Jesus' feet,

But the warm and tender loving smile

That accompanied his beat.

It was not the raise Bob Cratchit got,

Or the food they got to taste;

But the beaming grin for Tiny Tim

That glowed from Scrooge's face.

It's not the sack that's full of toys

That brings the children cheer,

But the laugh upon ol' Santa's face

That spreads from ear to ear.

Understood in every country

By all religions and every race;

A universal language

Spoken by your face.

A smile is contagious;

It spreads just like the flu.

You smile at one, they smile back;

Your one turns into two.

A smile can be strong medicine.

It helps the sick to heal.

It takes away the pain and stress

And improves the way we feel.

Your life and work will be more fun;

Your look will be in style.

Your appearance and face values rise

By wearing just a smile.

What sunshine brings to nature,

A smile can bring to man;

Compassion, trust, security,

And love throughout the land.

It's power can change history;

It spreads for miles and miles.

I wish our worldly leaders knew

Peace starts with just a smile.

So on this blessed holiday,

Give the gift that's so worthwhile.

It only takes a little time

To give a little smile.

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