Rehab facility doesn't belong on Main Street

info@islandpacket.comDecember 22, 2013 

The lack of support for an in-treatment patient facility on Main Street does not reflect stereotyping, as suggested by a recent newspaper editorial. This shallow perspective is displaced. In reality, the lack of support from neighboring businesses and residential areas stems from deeper community concerns: logistics, preservation, coordination and attraction.

Historically, Main Streets have been seen as an iconography of American life, built on traditional values where nostalgic memories are created.

A rehab facility belongs in a medical community, not a Main Street district. This logical placement allows for the efficacious use of surrounding medical resources. Rehabs aren't Main Street businesses; they need to be where they can facilitate comprehensive services to patients. We all want proper help for one another, and we want that help to be maximized. The best way to serve rehab patients is to place them properly.

The Main Street Inn and Spa was built to inspire an authentic Main Street vision. Unique opportunities for this business include: Cafè Complex, Art Gallery, Music Academy, and the hospitality hub for USCB classes. I encourage the Town Council to define a vision for what our Main Street should be.

Many towns have launched Main Street programs and named Main Street coordinators to help revitalize quaint, communal livelihood. Hilton Head leaders ought to wisely contemplate this type of initiative for us and future generations.

Sarah E. Rougeux

Hilton Head Island

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