Dear Santa: Lowcountry children have been good this year -- just ask them ...

abredeson@islandpacket.comDecember 22, 2013 

Editor's note: We've maintained the exact wording and spelling from the children's letters to Santa Claus -- because they tried, and it's adorable.

Children all over the world have been on their best behavior for weeks -- eating their veggies, cleaning their rooms and doing their homework.

Now they are preparing for the arrival of Santa Claus, wondering what treasures he will bring them Christmas morning.

The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette came across some of the letters those children mailed to Santa. And here's what they are hoping for this Christmas.

Some children just want to make sure others are taken care of this Christmas.

"This year we got a new puppy Sadie May. She would love some doggie treats! I know when we had Maya she loved the dog treats you sent her!"

"I would like for Christmas is for my uncle to get a house and a girlfriend that will help him. ... PS: I would like some toys also."

"P.S.: My cats would appreciate some treats."

Some were concerned about Santa and his crew.

"Dear Santa Claus, How are you feeling? I hope what I am asking you is not to much. I hope everything at the Noth Pole is going well. ... I hope the weather is not to bad for your trip."

"I hope you have a safe flite."

"How are the raindeer? Can they talk to you?"

And some just laid it all out there.

"Dear Satu Clos

I want a pirit sod

I want a tren

and an Angy Birds set

I want an mot cantrol pupp dog

I want a obmit

I want a mot cutrol helucatr

I want a Magic set

I want a new BAC PAC"

They asked for Legos, American Girl dolls, a Kindle Fire, laptops, a Razor scooter, a trampoline, a bike, a cash register, a princess brush, a "big-girl drum set," a Crayola Marker Maker, a toy kitty, a Holiday Barbie, an Easy Bake Oven, a pink guitar and Popstar microphone, a live bunny and much more (much much more).

One child asked for a "fish tank with water and gold fish included." After all, who wants a fish tank with no fish? And you can't have a fish without water.

Another child felt he had to justify his request: "I don't want a lot of little things this Christmas; I hope what I want isn't to much to ask for ... This year could I please have a laptop. It would help me a lot with school work since I am now in middle school."

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