My Christmas wish for the nation's children

info@islandpacket.comDecember 20, 2013 

Once upon a time, children were taught that they were to grow up and look after themselves and not be a burden to their neighbors. Children were expected to pay "board money" out of their earnings from part-time jobs.

Able-bodied people who fell upon hard times and received relief from the country tried mightily to get back on their feet because there wasn't a great deal of respect given to those who accepted public money as an entitlement.

Men who didn't take financial care of their families found few friends among other males in the neighborhood. Most people prioritized how to spend their money and made sure they had health insurance and their bills paid before financing a BMW.

Life had its ups and downs. Being self-reliant and respectful of other people's efforts kept society afloat.

That's the way it was, but that's not the way it is today. My Christmas wish is that children will once again be taught to grow up and not be a burden to their neighbors.

Merry Christmas, and joy to all across the land.

Peter F Zych

Hilton Head Island

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